My name is Nicholas Tastad, and the 2020 Institute is my creation. I conceived the idea of the institute on the first night of our attack against the Taliban and Islamist militants within Afgahnistan. Shortly after Bin Laden’s broadcast on the Al-Jazeera news agency proclaiming that all U.S. Nationals would have to leave Saudi Arabia or “peace would never be ours.” Don’t mistake me or the idea behind the institute as either appeasement or fear of threats made by cavemen; however, I decided on this night that I was going dedicate myself to the creation of an energy self-sufficient United States of America. I began by forming a team and creating a non-profit entity that bears the name of the deadline for its goal, “The 2020 Institute.” My own educational background is as a scientist from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. I am also one of the first American MBA’s from Germany. My MBA specialized on alternative energies, resource conservation, and environmental preservation and is from the oldest technical school in the world, Freiberg School of Mines and Technology (TU-Freiberg).