Tidal Power

Things To Know: This is an innovative but very rational way to generate power. America has plenty coastline to spare, and newly perfected methods for harnessing power from the surf may some day provide plenty of electricity for coastal cities.  Means of converting the energy into a form that is easily stored is one of the few roadblocks due to the fact that the tide doesn’t always cooperate with peak demands.

Trapping High Tide:  The entrapment method is simple and highly effective.  In theory, high tide will raise the level of water in a seaside cove.  At maximum height, a levy is lowered into place to trap the water in the cove.  The water is then drained through turbines.  The Dutch and the French already use this concept.  Payoff is unfortunately not a short-term possibility.  More info at: www.uwa.edu.au/courses/ES407/tidal/1999/default.html

Wells Turbine:  This impressive stationary turbine is able to harness the energy of air streams that fluctuate in origin and destination while rotating in the same direction.  The following company has devised an ingenious way of harnessing the wave action in large bodies of water to create the perfect use for this turbine.  More info can be found by reading the explanation from the Wavegen company: www.wavegen.co.uk

All technologies on this page are currently operational, available, and with an eye on the long-term, cost effective.

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