Super Conductivity

Things To Know:  This is one innovation that has the ability to very dramatically change all of our lives.  Everything that uses electricity to function loses some of that electrical power due to heat generated from resistance.  If one takes away the resistance, one takes away the energy loss.  Across the board, everything becomes more energy efficient and much speedier to use.  Currently, the concept is a reality if you live in the supper cold climate on one of the lunar bodies of Jupiter.  Unfortunately, the room temperature superconductor has not been invented yet.

Greased Lightning:  Before the electricity gets to most homes it has to go through miles of cable.  This cable has the same resistance problem that allows the small strands of wire in your toaster to heat up.  These strands were actually designed for maximum resistance, which is much easier than designing minimum resistance.  An energy loss of between five and up to twenty percent of the initial power fed into the system is the norm.  For any consumer and producer, these losses are unacceptable in the long-term.  Fortunately, scientists are already on the case.  Superconductivity means a lack of impedance to the individual electrons trying to move from point A to point B.  For now, no impedance means comes from no molecular motion due to a specialized frozen cable.  The main focus now is on 2nd phase technology.  This technology operates at the same temperature as liquid nitrogen, and is “relatively” easy to maintain.  The ideal is to eventually have affordable room-temperature super conductivity. If you’re interested in buying super conductive tape or just want to learn more, check out the following web sites:,

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