Things To Know:  We currently supply 20% of our nation’s energy from 103 active reactors.  One negative aspect is the radioactive waste left behind.  The fact is, there have been radioactive mineral deposits in the crust and mantle of the earth for billions of years, and nobody ever demanded they be removed.  Of course, these deposits are seldom as concentrated or as potent as our waste.  One solution that is being worked on is burring the waste miles beneath the surface encased in salt.  The salt acts with plastic properties over time.  This ensures that the waste remains undisturbed through geologic events.  Westinghouse and GE are the two major players in the industry.  Both of these companies have their own web sites.

One day, you may be in the position to support, protest, or otherwise forbid the new construction of a reactor.  If this is the case, you might want more facts before you become a contributor to the effort.  The following web site is excellent in this sense:

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