Things To Know:  Like hydropower, wind power has been used for hundreds of years. Research suggests that the Danes were the first to employ this technology.  Later on the Dutch perfected skill of harnessing wind power to pump water.  This allowed them to build a thriving powerhouse of a nation in a setting that presented severe challenges as parts of it are actually below sea level.  Currently, wind power is cost effective in concert with tax breaks and power subsidies.

Wind Power:  The most cost effective wind turbines are usually the most massive.  Eventually, 5 MW turbine units will dot the horizon.  No need to worry, such horizons will mostly be uninhabited farmland, or the ocean.  That’s right, massive “wind farms” are now being erected in standing water, sometimes miles from the coast.  If you’re a farmer who wouldn’t mind a more financially secure future where banks ask you for a loan, one or two of these devices may be worth your consideration.  (If you raise farm animals, also check out the Biomass page on our web site!)

The two titans of the industry are Vestas and NEG Micon.  Both these companies are European based, and both have their own web sites.  The following web site includes a comprehensive compilation of the players in the industry: also check out .  With rapid developments in wind turbine technology made possible through massive European subsidies, it may be time for this side of the Atlantic to start enjoying some fruits of their labor and foresight.

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