Graduated from the University of Maryland University College, Germany with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations in December of 1999. He is currently finishing a two-year MBA program with the Danube University of Krems in Austria. In partnership with the program, he has also been working as an intern at DaimlerChrysler’s Corporate Headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.
It is my belief that the United States of America must pursue a new energy policy. We need a policy capable of creating domestic sources of sustainable power in order to provide for an energy independent America in the near future. I believe a policy encouraging the use of energy resources extending beyond non-renewables will provide for a financially sound, cleaner and safer United States. In my view, American technological innovation and know-how can and will achieve energy self-sufficiency for the United States. An obvious benefit of gaining such an independence from foreign sources of energy is the elimination of a need for endangering American lives to defend costly non-renewable resources.