Douglas Tastad grew up in Minnesota with his twin brother Nicholas. He began his formal education at the United States Merchant Marine Academy. Douglas graduated from the Academy in 1999 with a degree in Marine Transportation, a United States Coast Guard Third Mate’s License and a commission in the United States Naval Reserve. After graduation, he was selected to receive a Fulbright Scholarship for study in Singapore. As a Fulbright Fellow at the National University of Singapore, Douglas researched the transportation system of Southeast Asia. Following his research, he moved on to attain a Master of Science Degree in Strategic Studies at Nanyang Technological University’s Institute of Defense and Strategic Studies in Singapore. One week after his graduation from the Strategic Studies program on September 3, 2001, Douglas found himself in Washington D.C. trying to convert his extensive experience in Asia as a sailor and student into a civilian or defense related career focused on the Asia Pacific region. His search was abruptly ended by the dastardly September 11th attack on America. After traveling back to Minnesota, Douglas applied for and was selected to receive a Presidential Management Internship. He is currently serving as a Presidential Management Intern for the Department of the Army Office of Logistics at the Pentagon. Douglas brings the 2020 Institute extensive contacts in the international energy, transportation and defense fields. His passion for the creation of a liberating national energy strategy is rooted in the attack of September 11, 2001, and tempered by the wisdom that “amateurs speak about strategy, professionals speak about logistics.”